Atlantic Biodiesel is a state-of-the-art renewable fuel facility located in the Niagara Greenbelt of Canada. We are strategically located a short distance from the New York border and the Greater Toronto Area. We are proud partners in the biodiesel industry with one of the largest biodiesel production facilities in North America, contributing to the development and commercialization of clean, domestic biodiesel fuel.



Atlantic Biodiesel represents a fresh start for the state-of-the-art biodiesel facility in Dain City, Ontario. We are proud supporters of the community and local businesses. Through the fuel we make, we are supporting agriculture and contributing significantly to Provincial and Federal greenhouse gas reduction targets.  

We are active backers of community programs and sports in the Niagara area. We also participate in academic research and education through in-kind contributions and guest lectures at colleges and universities throughout the province.  

Our plant produces 170 million litres (45 million gallons) per year of renewable, clean-burning biodiesel and 15 million litres (4 million gallons) per year of high-grade glycerin. This powers the economic engine of the region through direct jobs and business for local suppliers and contractors.

Our products & capabilities


Our managing team consists of biodiesel industry veterans and professionals from reputable Canadian and international firms.

Our Facility

At 170 million litres per year (45 million gallons per year), Atlantic Biodiesel has one of the largest and most efficient biodiesel plants on the continent. The facility has extensive rail capacity and is strategically located close to key Canadian and American markets.


Atlantic Biodiesel is proud to be based in the Welland and Niagara region and actively contributes to the local economy through investments in local community events and sports teams

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