Our Products & capabilities

Atlantic Biodiesel produces low-cloud point biodiesel suitable for cold weather applications. The product exceeds ASTM, EN and CGSB standards. The co-product from the process is high-value, kosher-certified glycerin.

Biodiesel Product Specifications (Typical)

Cloud Point: -2ÂșC
Total Glycerin: 0.11%
Monoglycerides: 0.34%
Saturated Monoglycerides: <<0.1%
CSFT: 100s
Sulfur: <1ppm
Na+ and K+: <1ppm
Ca2+ and Mg2+: <1ppm
CSFBT: 1.0
Feedstock type: Canola and/or soy oil

Glycerin Product Specifications (Typical)

Glycerin Product Specifications (Typical)
Assay: 85%
Water: 6%
Ash (NaCl): 6%
MONG: 2%